At ALF, our lawyers are selected for their preparedness to apply intelligence to solving real-life problems. We deliberately recruit and train for innovation, knowledge and the ability to create solutions and provide passionate advocacy in all legal matters for our clients. Our reputation rests not only on the varied and sizeable expertise of our professionals, but it also reflects our unwavering commitment to provide our clients maximum value from the legal services we offer.


Fred Obiejesi
Senior Associate
Fred is a Senior Associate in the firm’s Dispute Resolution practice group. He advises and represents clients in disputes relating to a range of civil and criminal corporate matters including, maritime, taxation, real property, labour and employment matters. He has represented clients at the various levels of Courts in Nigeria including the High Courts and the Appellate Courts, the National Industrial Court, Tax Tribunals and the Industrial Arbitration Panel.
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Mike Ajaegbo
Senior Associate
Michael is a highly resourceful professional, an astute goal achiever and a team player. He is a prolific writer and has a forte in research and legal drafting.

Michael effectively combines hard-work and industry with a very pleasant personality. His ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality is very commendable.

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Albert A. Adu
Senior Associate
Albert is a result driven lawyer with a pragmatic approach to advising client on legal issues.
His practice cuts across, corporate commercial law, capital market, regulatory compliance, banking & finance, labour law and dispute resolution.
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